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Making technology the future of the industry.

Your factory in a unified way

Drive digitization and transformation of your process at all levels of your organization – from the factory floor to decision makers

Automation and technology that bring your business to the future

Platforms with automation and technologies that bring your company into the future. Everything your company needs to enter the world of Industry 4.0.

Unified management, remote control, IoT connections, data encryption, routine efficiency, traceability, cloud storage and digitization.


Born on the factory floor and for the factory floor, connecting operation and management quickly and safely.


All the data of your operation at your disposal. Take control and make decisions quickly.


The information you need at your fingertips in real time and anywhere.

Enter the age of Industry 4.0
Diagnose your journey 4.0

Platforms designed to bring your company to Industry 4.0. The perfect combination of safety and innovation you can find at BMS Tecnologia

Unified Management: with real-time information, fast data traffic and cloud storage, you get total control of your company remotely 100%!

Security: with the best data encryption systems you have complete security of your information.

Routine Efficiency: with digital and automated processes, IoT connections and traceability, your industry’s day-to-day becomes much more efficient.


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Food and drinks

Processing, storage, transport and marketing of food and beverage and manufacturing ingredients.

Packaging and Plastics

Manufacture of plastic material products and packaging.

Consumer goods

Activities related to products aimed at the final consumer.

Paper And Cellulose

Manufacture of pulp, paper, paperboard and cardboard and paper products.

Textile Product

Manufacture of clothing, articles and textile artifacts.


Maintenance, repair and installation of machines and equipment.


Construction of all kinds, renovations and maintenance.

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Enter the age of Industry 4.0

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