Manufatura 360

Get complete shop floor management with a focus on where you need it most

unified solution

Have unified management and solve problems such as lack of production, quality and raw material control.

Process optimization

Use functions such as a description with time and reason for machine stoppages and control all stages of the manufacturing processes.

Complete factory floor management

Connect your production lines and get shop floor scanning and 100% remote control.

Automate your production

Increase your company's efficiency and productivity with Manufatura 360. Have several functions for the processes and production area and extract the best results from your production line!

Variable analysis

Inline attribute monitoring

OEE control

Production order

Achieve the evolution of your company

Get the platform designed for your industry. Manufatura 360 accompanies your journey, from manual activities to the implementation of IOT connections, walking with you on the journey to industry 4.0.

Increase your productive capacity

Implement advanced technologies and incorporate automated processes with Manufatura 360 to increase your company's production capacity!

Bring your industry into the age of technology

Bring your company to industry 4.0, innovate and transform your processes through digital technologies!


Each industry has a challenge, so BMS accompanies you in all of them and brings you the perfect solution for yours. Choose a plan and become a reference in industry 4.0.

Basic plan

Unlimited users

Integrated management of the production process

Hiring SaaS model

Integration with ERP

Production Control Module

Quality Control Module

Process Control Module

Product Module

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Plus Plan

Unlimited users
ALL basic plan benefits

Data Collection IoT Gateway

digital checklist

Digital Report Portal

digital shift diary

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Manufatura 360

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