Maintenance, repair and installation of machines and equipment.

Maintenance 4.0 in industries

The maintenance sector comprises repair and installation activities for machines and equipment used in the industrial production process and maintenance services, such as predictive, preventive, corrective, etc. These activities are usually carried out by specialized units, under contract and are fundamental in the industrial routines of all sectors.

The maintenance in the segments

As machines and equipment are one of the main means of delivering a final product in all segments, their maintenance is essential to achieve the objective, so performing these functions is of extreme responsibility.

Technology to help with maintenance

To deliver a quality service and ensure the safety of the service delivered, having qualified professionals ready to perform their duties is essential. For this, it is necessary to carry out a good management of specialized labor and its service providers.

Use technology to increase the quality of service delivered!

Acquire BMS Integration and have a system that eliminates labor risks and all problems with providers. Have automation to increase the efficiency and agility of processes with functions such as integration with concierge management and online integration. By creating a user and password for the provider, managing the on-site integration space, registering incidents on the platform and taking action, managing providers becomes much faster and more practical!

Use technology to your advantage and come to Industry 4.0 with BMS Integration! Allow immediate blocking of the turnstile when the system identifies documentation and user integration due, have automatic control of documentation and have preventive notification to the provider for updating documents.

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