Packaging and plastics

Manufacture of plastic material products

The packaging and plastics industry in Brazil

The packaging and plastics industry has a wide range of activities and can serve different types of commercialization. With materials present in the daily lives of society as a whole, a recent increase in production volume and extreme importance to preserving products from other segments, this sector needs to be constantly developing.

Requirements in the packaging and plastics industry

To maintain security and deliver what customers expect, the challenge is to consider and achieve product quality. Packaging with technical errors cannot be reused, so any deviation in the process results in losses.

Technology to meet industry requirements

The composition of materials and their concentrations are decisive for the quality of the product, therefore, having platforms that provide information on raw materials, quality and product, such as Manufacture 360, is fundamental to guarantee good performance.

Give industry 4.0 quality to your products with Manufacturing 360

Acquire quality functions such as calibration management, product attribute, product variable and analysis and quality reports to guarantee the success of production and guarantee each characteristic of the products, enabling quick intervention in case of errors to avoid losses in the production process.

Enter the Industry 4.0 era with digital technologies. Get easy access to all system information for audits through automated data collection and calculation with security alert, 100% traceability and reduce your manufacturing issues. Ensure high quality of your products with Manufacture 360.

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