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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the union of the physical and the virtual through the implementation of technologies that connect machines, processes and people, achieving efficiency, automation and results.

The objective of Industry 4.0 is to bring the industry into the reality of the technological world and unite the digital with the manual, using the best of both worlds to deliver incomparable results, and therefore the insertion in Industry 4.0 is already the differential in competitiveness!

This transition is already happening and if you still don't know your position in industry 4.0, you need to start walking this path now!

Based on studies carried out by ACATECH, we created a test to help you figure out how to walk that path.

The test is made up of questions related to your company's routine, and based on your answers, it will define your position in industry 4.0.

Upon completion of the test, the result will be available in the email entered, containing information on which level of industry 4.0 your company is at, what these levels are and what the next step is to move forward in this reality.

Want to know what level of industry 4.0 you are at? Make a diagnosis!

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