Malls, Logistics, Hospitals

Day to day activities

Segments such as malls, hospitals and logistics are present in society's daily life, each with its own aspects playing an essential role. Logistics encompasses resource management activities and means that enable the delivery of products, shopping malls encompass various commercial activities, and hospitals carry out medical assistance activities. And these various activities are also subject to technological innovations.

Challenges in different segments

These sectors serve different audiences and carry out a great demand for activities, which, consequently, require a large volume of service and a good number of employees. Due to these situations, a major challenge is the control of employees and third parties.

Technology in management

Failures in relation to employees and outsourced workers can be very costly, and a functional and practical ally to avoid problems is a system with provider management, such as BMS Integration.

Have security in the management of providers with BMS Integration

Get a digital security integration platform! Eliminate once and for all problems with wrong and expired documentation with automatic control of documentation with preventive notification to the provider for document updating and immediate blocking permission in the turnstile when identifying expired documentation or integration or blocked provider.

Have automated provider management from registration to integration, with online integration, cloud operation, definition of access levels and data encryption. Count on total efficiency and remote 100% control through data security, unified information in blocks and standardization between units. Achieve connectivity between providers and the company with BMS Integration!

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