BMS Integração

Invest in security with the digital integration platform that provides efficiency, ease and absolute control 100% remotely.

Legitimacy of documentation

Worry no more about expired documents and integrations or wrong documentation


Keep the company, employees and third parties always connected and with fast and effective communication


Reduce third-party input from days to hours and automate your processes from registration to onboarding

Acquire essential features for your factory

Optimize and automate all your processes safely and quickly and reduce your workload on the 95%. Ensure greater efficiency in processes through BMS Integração, the platform that works with you to achieve the best third-party management.

Document management

Third-party management

Standardization between units

Block unification

Access the platform from anywhere

Get the freedom and ease you need to manage your processes from anywhere, and with absolute control! In addition to insurance, BMS Integração operates remotely 100%.

Have process automation

Make process automation a reality in your business through integration with the entry system at the entrance and document alerts and due integrations.

Achieve more efficiency in management

Control all procedures through a few clicks with real-time information, fast data traffic, cloud storage and remote access.


Third party entry need not be time consuming and fraught with difficulties. Choose one of our plans and enjoy all the benefits of BMS Integração in your company!

Basic plan

Unlimited users

Encrypted access security

Integration and calendar management

Document posting flow and approval - digital

Integration expiration control and documents

Management access to the concierge

Automation of HSE document expiration control

Generation of attendance and control list

Sending salary messages in advance

Parameterizable list of documents

Platform language in PT-BR, ES, EN.

Document exchange traceability

Parameterizable document retention

Term of use of the platform and data responsibility

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Plus Plan

Unlimited users
ALL basic plan benefits

Connection to the ratchet system

Online integration and testing

Visitor Management Module

checklist module

Badge template with provider information

Integration with ratchet system

Verification of Documents made by BMS

Integration with enterprise SSO

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